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Spam/Virus filter information

January 1, 2014 11:00 : Coax Internet has a new spam/virus filter in operation. The name of the filter is "EdgeWave".

You are daily receiving an email with the From Address of "Daily Digest" when opened will show you a list of quarantined emails.

The subject line will be "Spam Digest for (Date)".

The header line includes clickable entries "My AccountSettings | Support" for you to use to change your settings or contact support.

Each line represents a quarantined email message. The line starts with "View" which is clickable to allow you to view the email without endangering your computer.

The second column contains the reason that email was quarantined: "Spam, phish, virus, dangerous or Advertisement". The rest of the columns are obvious.

At the bottom of the email you have the options "Unsubscribe | Report Spam | Change Report Frequency". If you unsubscribe you will no longer receive these emails but your filtering will still work. You will need to contact support to resubscribe.
If you choose to view a message, you have the option at the bottom of the view to "Release" the email to your computer mail box. You have the option to "Add (the from address) to your 'Friends' list." when you Release the email to your mailbox.

If you dont "Release" you will need to "logout" of that web page.

Quarentined emails will be kept for 35 days then automatically purged. You do not have to delete them.
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937.866.1460 (fax)
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